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Total R&R in South Beach, Miami

August 2, 2016

When my friend Jenny invited us girls to spend a few days in Miami’s South Beach, I didn’t hesitate a bit before saying ‘HECK YEAH!’. We were set up in one of the most amazing hotel rooms I’ve ever stayed at the 1 Hotel South Beach. Our suite had 3 bedrooms with two patios, a living room and kitchen. This place was bigger than my apartment I stayed with my roommates in college!

My entire goal for this trip was to completely relax and detox. That meant no drinking for me unless it was cleansing or organic fruit juice. This concept was totally opposite from my last visit for my bestie’s bacholerette party which is more of the wild side of Miami! The only thing on my agenda was laying out on the beach, reading, swimming, working out and napping.


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Florida, USA

Jurassic Park at Universal Studios, Florida

December 7, 2015

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I grew up loving the Jurassic Park movies and all things dinosaurs, so when we had a chance to go to Universal Studios, I was super excited to visit. There’s a section in Universal dedicated to Jurassic Park. There are lots of exhibits where you can learn about the dinosaurs and interact with them.

The BEST part was the Velociraptor experience (video below). There’s a ‘trainer’ that will guide you to interact with the animal. I was standing in line thinking people were silly for getting scared because it’s clearly fake, but once you’re up there, they do a really good job of making it feel real.

If you’re a super fan of dinosaurs, make sure to visit the T-rex cafe at Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney).


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