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Things to do in Denver, CO

August 24, 2016

Every year for the past 4 years, my cousin’s and I have gotten together for an annual trip to connect and to spend an entire weekend together bonding. This year we all voted on Denver, CO. Since there’s a pretty good size group of us (9 + Parker), we all agreed to three components which includes a group tour, an outdoor activity and a brewery. We were able to check all the boxes in Denver.

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Colorado, Fitness

One Day in Boulder, CO

August 23, 2016

Boulder is a beautiful city 30 miles outside of Denver, CO that is easily accessible by Uber for around $30-35 one way. We had four people in our car, so the per person split was worth it instead of taking a bus or renting a car for just a day trip. Since most of our trips are centered around good food, being active and shopping for things local to the area, we had a great time. We were able to do all that in Boulder in just one day.

Read below for our itinerary.

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Colorado, Fitness, USA

Apres ski Pilates session

March 14, 2016

I have a like/hate relationship with skiing probably because I’m not very good at it! My first time with cold winter sports was snowboarding ten years ago, and it was an experience I will never forget…not in a good way.  I really tried hard to be good at it, but not shortly after starting, I failed and fell backwards seriously bruising my tailbone! It wasn’t until 8 years later in Tahoe did I attempt getting back on the slopes, and this time I made sure to try skiing WITH a professional instructor. After the session, I was able to regain my confidence, and successfully make a green/blue run without falling. Since then, I’ve been to Ski Dubai and back to Beaver Creek.

Skiing is a tough sport where you use your legs and core for balancing, so you’ll definitely feel sore once the day is over. What better way to stretch out those muscles apres ski (after ski) then with a private Pilates reformer class.

The Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek has a Pilates Reformer studio where you can take private classes to stretch and strengthen your core and legs for another run.

1.Lat pulls- Slowly lean back and return to upward position while tightening your core.


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