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Paradise in Maui, HI- Part 1

August 20, 2019

It’s funny for me to reflect back before having twins thinking that it would be really easy. I figured you would just synchronize feedings, changing, sleep times, etc and it would all be a breeze. Boy, was I wrong! Fast forward 2.5 years later, it was time for a proper vacation to truly take a break and recharge. I totally needed it for my own mental peace of mind and to be a calmer version of myself for my kids. Thanks to my MIL, we were able to take an entire week off kid free.

Enter in our trip to Maui. The first time we went to Hawaii, we went to Kauai. Coming from Houston, it just seem like a hassle to get to HI being 9+ hours with minimal affordable options for nonstop flights. Therefore, we usually just went to Mexico which was less than two hours away.

Now that we live on the west coast, Hawaii is the tropical destination of choice. I now see why, and already dreaming of my next trip back. It’s only a five hour flight with a three hour time difference.

Airlines– Alaska Air

Hotel– Hyatt Regency Maui & Travaasa

Duration– 4 days/3 nights

Part 1:

Our first day, we arrived around 9pm. At this time, it was dark and late and we were super tired. We still have to get our rental car and drive 45 minutes to the hotel. We could hear the beach waves on our drive, but couldn’t see anything. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Maui for the first part of our trip which is on the west side of Maui. We stopped by Safeway on our way to the hotel to stock up on drinks, snacks, sunblock and bug repellent. This is a much cheaper option than buying drinks at the hotel. For the same beer, we spent $12 on a six pack vs $8 per beer. For us, every bit helps.

The hotel was older, but was comfortable. It had an open air lobby with plenty of cafes and boutiques for shopping. We mainly wanted to spend the trip relaxing. All I wanted to do was wake up whenever I wanted with no alarm clock or no one bothering me. We spent most of our time at the pool overlooking the beach and just drinking our Maui beer. We left the hotel a few times to get poke and brought it right back to our lounge chairs. I immediately started to relax.

After a couple of days of doing nothing, I started having that feeling of FOMO, so we started looking up attractions in the area. We hate being those people that ‘missed out’, so we decided to do one outside activity per day. We asked a waiter at a local restaurant what he would recommend we do if we wanted to get out. He suggested Baby Beach as a place locals go to. I felt it was just ‘ok’. It was pretty close to our hotel, but without the beach chairs, umbrella, etc. If you aren’t staying at a resort, it’s not a bad option.

I would also suggest making a reservation to the Drums of the Pacific luau far in advanced. We wanted to go, but every night we were there was booked solid. I was easily able to make a reservation for a beach side massage which is the only place in Maui that offers this service. Well worth it, but make sure to book as early or as late as possible. Otherwise, you will hear a lot of people talking around the area. Also, stop by the concierge desk for a discount voucher. Again, every bit helps!

Another fun area to check out is the village called Lahaina Front Street. There is a beautiful banyan tree that’s a popular attraction. We parked our car, and walked along the street window shopping and admiring the beautiful artwork in boutique shops. So much to buy here. There are also tons of food options, so make sure to check out the menu or scope out a few places before making your decision. I would recommend coming here during the day to get better photos of the banyan tree.

On our last day in Lahaina, we took advantage of having a rental car to drive north to the Kapalua Coastal Trail. You’ll get really nice views of the beach and rocks. It’s a short two mile hike along the coast which is well worth it.

Our next stop was Black Rock, Ka’anapali. Nick really wanted to jump off the lava formed rocks into the ocean. This area was crowded, so be careful not to slip. It’s past the residential area and can be a little tricky to find. Just follow the crowds.


Our last stop for the west side of Maui was Nakalele Blow hole. It took about 30 minutes to get to the site since the road can be super windy in some areas. Well worth the hassle. You have to hike downhill on top of rocks and some areas can be very slippery. Once you get down there, you’ll find a warning not to get too close to the blowhole or you can possible get sucked in! Great place for photos and amazing to see in person. Just be careful.


Places we ate that we liked:

  • Foodland farms market for poke and shrimp chips. I ate almost a bag a day
  • Fish Market Maui- amazing pork quesadilla and Mahi tacos
  • Star Noodle- wings, garlic noodles, pork buns
  • Honolulu coffee- Hawaiian latte
  • Paia Fish Market- fish and chips
  • Honolulu cookie co- everything
  • Mama’s Fish House- we heard it’s really good. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go

We had such a great time in the Lahaina area. It is definitely more commercialized, but you can still see beautiful attractions not far away from the comforts of your hotel. When I compare Kauai to Maui, I think you get the best of both worlds. You get nature plus plenty of activities.

Next time, we will come back with the twins.



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  • Pearl August 20, 2019 at 7:53 PM

    glad you both.enjoyed Hawaii and I can spent qualities time w twins…

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