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Anniversary in Puerto Vallarta, MX

August 9, 2017

This July marked  our 5th year of marriage. What better way to celebrate than a weekend trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This was our second time to PV, and we decided to stay at a more relaxing resort. Of course with no kiddos in tow, we opted for an adults only hotel. 

We chose the Casa Velas in the marina area. It’s a quick 5 minute ride from the airport which means faster beach and margarita time!


After you get your luggage and go through customs, you will be bombarded with people trying to lure you into their booth. They usually do this by asking you about transportation to your hotel I.e. Taxi service, shared shuttles, private car, etc. 

My advice is to book ahead of time, or try googling a discounted ride through a reputable company. The reason is because airport transfers booked there will always be more expensive. For example, we had one agent tell us $18 USD to our hotel and another agent further down wanted to charge us $25 USD.

Tip– if you don’t mind taking a cab, walk straight out the airport (ignore everyone despite what they tell you), take a left, and another left around the corner. Go over the bridge and there are local taxi cabs waiting. They charged us $4 USD to our hotel. Many locals were doing this, and it was a pedestrian friendly bridge. I wouldn’t do this if I had the kiddos with me only because they have a lot of gear.

1. View of airport from bridge 2. Pedestrian bridge 3. Ramp to opposite side where taxis wait in line 4. Looking back at airport 


The hotel was only 5 minutes away. We arrived and were immediately greeted with a welcome drink at check in. The resort had a very high end service feel to it. You didn’t check in at a counter, but rather at the comforts of their seating area. 

They offered to escort us around for a tour, but we were anxious to go out to the beach. This is a boutique resort which I personally prefer to mega resorts. It’s just easier to get around and feels more comfortable. I hate the feeling of forgetting something and dreading the walk back to the room!

The focal point of the resort was the pool set on lush tropical grounds. It was so peaceful that it immediately puts you into a state of relaxation. All that airport stress just melted away. 


Our room was a nice size suite. They provided L’occtaine toiletries. 

There was also a nice anniversary surprise that set the tone of what to expect. 


The hotel is actually not on the beach, but is located on a golf course. However, they have a beach club for guest of the Casa Velas which is a 3-5 minute ride in their shuttle. We got a kick out of the peacocks while we waited. 

Tip– I felt the massage at the resort was too expensive for the amenities provided. You can find a local massage therapist on the beach for much less. Ask the waitress their thoughts on going rate. Don’t forget to bargain!

Tip– ask for some food to feed the peacocks. They will cooperate for pictures!

This weekend was mainly spent at the pool and beach. We went out one night for tacos in downtown (20 minutes). The best way to get anywhere is by Uber.

The pool at the resort was amazing. It was the perfect temperature and never felt crowded. We loved the pool bar, and spent a lot of time hanging out there.

Overall, the weekend was great. We enjoyed the luxuries of the hotel, and the quietness that allowed us to relax. My husband hates sitting still, and is the type that loves to sign up for every excursion available. However, he has been working a lot and appreciated taking it slow. 

If you are looking for something closer into town, this may not be the choice for you. However, since its near the marina, a lot of boat excursions meet there. 

Cheers to many more anniversaries!


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