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Spend the day in Galveston, TX

January 17, 2017

Galveston is a great place to visit for a quick day trip or weekend getaway from Houston. It’s a short drive about an hour away from downtown. I have lived in Houston my entire life and have probably visited Galveston less than 10 times. When we got to the island, we could smell the familiar ocean breeze and was pleasantly surprised with how much has improved. Galveston recently went through a clean up renovation, and you can definitely feel and see the difference. The beaches are cleaner, and I also read that they added tons of sands to make it more enjoyable.

I took my mom on a day trip for a relaxing treat at the Hotel Galvez spa (read full review here), lunch off the sea wall with a view of the ocean, games and rides at Pleasure Pier and lastly indulge in some sweets and shopping off the historic Strand.

Next time we visit, I want to bike down the sea wall, check out Moody Gardens and stay at the Tremont hotel on the Strand. Galveston also has a big Mardi Gras celebration with lots of festivities. We will come back sooner rather than later.



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