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One Day in Boulder, CO

August 23, 2016

Boulder is a beautiful city 30 miles outside of Denver, CO that is easily accessible by Uber for around $30-35 one way. We had four people in our car, so the per person split was worth it instead of taking a bus or renting a car for just a day trip. Since most of our trips are centered around good food, being active and shopping for things local to the area, we had a great time. We were able to do all that in Boulder in just one day.

Read below for our itinerary.

CaptureDepart Denver at 11am

First stop was the Farmer’s Market for local good and lunch

IMG_8206 (2)Beautiful day for shopping outdoorsIMG_8210 (2)

IMG_8208 (2)

Delicious ice cream at Fior Di Latte. A lady in line said it was the best gelato in CO! It was deliciousFullSizeRender

There was a park right next to the market where you can sit out on the grass and enjoy your lunchIMG_8217 (2)

After lunch, we took a quick 10 minute Uber ride to Chautauqua Park for some hiking

Tip- Make sure to tell the driver to drop you off at the Ranger Cottage. This is the start of all the trails




Next, stop by Pearl Street Mall for shopping, breweries, street art, good food and performers. There is so much to see and do at this outdoor mall. It was the perfect cap to our day in Boulder






We really enjoyed Boulder because it has a laid back vibe in a small town with plenty to do.


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