Colorado, USA

Winter in Beaver Creek, CO

March 27, 2016

I grew up in Houston, TX which has some of the hottest and most humid days around. Yes, there have been rare times where it’s snowed, but we don’t expect it every winter. My first time being around snow was in Beaver Creek, CO ten years ago. Nick and I had only been dating for six months, so it was our first trip together as a couple with our group of friends. Beaver Creek is a bit on the expensive side for skiing, but there are discounts for half day and late afternoon price breaks depending on what time you start your day.

Beaver Creek is in a gated community with an abundance of shopping, bars, restaurants and of course beautiful ski slopes. There is plenty to do even if you aren’t a skiier.

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Location & Transportation- The closest airport is in Eagle (EGE), CO, and is approximately 30 miles to Beaver Creek. It’s a small regional airport, so the flight options may be limited and more expensive than flying from Denver. The Denver airport is 130 miles away and can take anywhere from 2-4 hours drive depending on traffic and weather conditions. Once you actually get to Beaver Creek, you don’t have to drive too much, so I would suggest taking a shuttle from either airports.

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Arriving in Eagle, CO (EGE airport)

IMG_5986 (3)View from Park Hyatt


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We always have a wonderful time relaxing and being active. Enjoy!


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