Yoga in the park

December 23, 2015

Yoga is my favorite form of exercise since it incorporates strength, balance, flexibility and discipline. Houston has been experiencing perfect weather lately, so what better place to do yoga than outside at the park. We rode our bikes to the park which can cause some discomfort in my hips and low back area, so I put together a quick series to strengthen and stretch. It’s always important to stretch before and after you exercise. Hold each pose for 5 deep breaths and switch sides.

Buffalo Bayou Park is like a secret garden that not many people know about…yet. It is conveniently located in the city in between Memorial Park and downtown. It is perfect for walking, jogging, biking and even yoga!

1. Pigeon pose

Tip- this is my personal favorite pose. It stretches out my IT band, glutes and strengthens my lower back.



2. Lizard pose

Tip- excellent pose for tight hips. The further your knee extends out, the more flexible you are. Find the spot you can comfortably handle, and breathe into the pose.



3. Wide squat

Tip- I know this looks like a funny pose, but my yoga instructor once said that if you only do one pose ever, this is it. This pose is said to provide the most benefits. It elongates your spine, opens up your hips and strengthens your core. This is great for people that sit a lot.



4. Half moon pose

Tip- Start in a lunge to gain balance. Make sure to tighten your core for extra balance and breathe. A more advanced pose is to extend your lower arm out past your head into an L shape.



5. Tree pose

Tip- once your hips are a little looser, this is a great pose to open your hip flexor. Don’t forget to switch legs.



6. Acknowledge your practice & Namaste 

Tip- take 5 deeps breaths to wind down and acknowledge your practice. This will slow your heartbeat down and bring calmness to your body.


Now, these two are ready to go run around!


Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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